“Bernard has had a tremendous influence on my career. It’s clear, there is a before I worked with him and after.
I will be forever grateful for your guidance.”

Homeland / The Americans

Costa Ronin




Bernard Hiller

Bernard studied with many of the leading teachers in NYC & LA and then developed his own revolutionary film acting and success methods, that have taken the artistic and business worlds by storm. Bernard trains some of the top stars in Hollywood and has started the careers of many well-known television and film actors around the world including Cameron Diaz in “The Mask” with Jim Carrey. He has coached Jeff Goldblum, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Susan Boyle, Jamie Dornan, A.R. Rahman, Emma Roberts, Billy Crystal, Emilio Rivera, and Chace Crawford – to name only a few.

His unique techniques have been featured on television shows and magazines all over the world. He is honored to have the support of his work from Samuel L Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Deepak Chopra, and many others. Bernard also writes for The Huffington Post, Positively Positive and UK-The Daily Mail on how to succeed in Hollywood and Life. In the last few years, he has also been interviewed about who was going to win an Academy Awards. He has also been a jury member at many film festivals around the world.

Bernard’s goal is to make the world better through our talents and our art. “Man’s greatest gift is creativity, and when we all use it in a positive way – that changes the world!” Kindness and sharing our true selves with the world are what we must strive for. Bernard is also an accomplished screenwriter and is currently producing several projects.



September 2020 – August 2021

Premier Hollywood acting coach, Bernard Hiller, is providing his first One Year Online Program for actors and artists interested in having an international career. Learn the latest film acting techniques and discover how to overcome all your blocks and fears. Create a business plan for success. “Success in show business is not an accident.”

Bernard’s revolutionary acting methods have helped actors, performers, singers to achieve successful careers in Los Angeles and around the world. 

We are looking for 22 passionate actors from all over the world (All the students have to understand English)

We will meet 3 Days Each Month. They will be extremely intensive, transformative and fun. We will also have special guests from the Industry. See Previous  BERNARD HILLER GUEST LIST 

Every month you will work on different skills you must have as an actor to achieve your success.

Special Guests will take part to the course: Directors, Producers, Casting Directors and Agents.

Dates: 3 Days Each Month

Schedule:  5-11 PM (ROME TIME) 8AM- 2PM (LOS ANGELES TIME)

Where: The course will be held on ZOOM. Only 22 people. 

How to join the class:  Bernard is selecting everyone personally. He would like everyone to prepare a 2 minute monologue. Just to see how well you both work together.  He is very nice 🙂

Please, fill the form below and we’ll send you an email with all the instruction.

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